Downtown line CEO charged with injuring motorcyclist

Singapore, 22/6/2022: The CEO of SBS Transit DTL was charged on Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 with driving related offences that lead to an accident in February.

Alex Goei Beng Guan, 62 is accused of causing hurt to biker, 74-year-old Hashim Hussein and Hashim’ pillion rider Mdm Supariyah Salamat, 68.

Alex Goei was driving along the slip road of Woodlands Road towards Upper Bukit Timah Road at around noon time on 5 Feb 2022.

He allegedly failed to give way to traffic along the slip road of KJE (Kranji Expressway) towards BKE (Bukit Timah Expressway) and then collided into Hashim Hussein.

If convicted of causing grievous hurt through driving, he could be jailed for up to two years or fine up to $5,000 or both.

(This news report first appear on Todayonline)



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