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How to make a U-Turn in Singapore

Find out how to turn right and how to U Turn in Singapore

Lane markings showing which direction the car can turn
Lane markings on singapore roads

Look out for lane markings on the ground that show which direction your vehicle can turn to. Only do a U-Turn after an U-Turn sign and on the rightest lane. If there is no U-Turn sign, you cannot make an U-turn.

U Turn sign in Singapore
You can only make an U-Turn if there is a U-Turn sign in Singapore

Which lane can you make a U Turn?

diagram showing which lane to use for turning right and which late to U turn
Diagram showing which lane to use for turning
  1. Keep right when you are making a U-turn
  2. For the example in the diagram, only C lane can be used for U-turning
  3. If you did not make it to lane C, do not U-Turn as it can caused an accident with car turning right on lane C
  4. If you are at lane A, you must turn left only
  5. If you are at lane B, you can only turn left, turn right or go straight. You cannot U-Turn
  6. If you are at lane C, you can turn right or U-Turn

Which lane do i turn to for U turn ?

Always turn to the closest opposite lane your can can turn to.

turn like a pro

When not to U Turn

No vehicle to make U-turn at road intersection or junction
13.—(1) No driver or rider of any vehicle shall make a U-turn at any road intersection, road junction or opening in a road divider unless he is permitted to do so by a road sign.
(2) A driver or rider of any vehicle making a U-turn under paragraph (1) shall —
(a) move as near as possible to the right-hand edge of the roadway;
(b) give way to any on-coming vehicle; and
(c) wait for a safe opportunity to complete the turn.
(3) A driver or rider of any vehicle making a U-turn under this rule shall do so after the U-turn sign.

Example of bad turning

BMW U-turn on 2nd lane from the right
Driver turn right from go straight only lane and beat red lights slowly

Now you know how to Turn Right and U Turn, learn how to use a roundabout in singapore

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