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Lorry caused 5 motorbike to crash

Video of lorry jam break and skid, causing 5 rider to fall to the ground.

one – 1

Number 1 have no chance to advoid at all

two, three – 2,3

Number 2 clashed into the driver side and number 3 break too hard and fell

four – 4

Number 4 did not stop in time

five – 5?

The 5th rider did not stop in time and crashed into the pile of bikes already on the ground

View the full video on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeRoadAccident

Co Driver

Whos driving? Not me. Helping the driver to take photos while the car is moving and post on SingaporeRoadAccident Facebook page for internet points. No content? Don't worry, there are throwback Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mon...

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