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Man crossing busy road at South Bridge Road and allegedly challenged cam car driver to a fists fight

Singapore: A guy who was not wearing mask was caught on camera crossing the road and expecting cars to give way to him. The incident happened at South Bridge Road just before the turn to Upper Circular Road.

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According to the original poster on reddit

Happened to my father yesterday. After my father turned, he dashed over and challenged him to a fight with fists rose. He was ready to jump but thankfully his friend rushed over to hold him back. Pick on someone your own size dude my father is 65. Shameful.

It was also noted that the man was not wearing a mask as he was smoking at the time and a cigarette was spotted on his right hand.

Man staring at cam car driver (65 Years Old)
Location of incident, Screengrab from Google Street View

According to Google Street View, the nearest crossing is more than 50m away from where the man is crossing.

Basing on the ROAD TRAFFIC ACT (CHAPTER 276, SECTIONS 121 AND 140) (source)

3.—(1)  Except as provided in paragraph (5), any pedestrian, cyclist, mobility vehicle user or PMD rider who is within 50 metres of either side of a pedestrian crossing, or within such shorter distance, as indicated by traffic signs shall make use of the pedestrian crossing for the purpose of crossing the road.

It may not be consider jay walking in this case, but it is defiantly not a great idea to walk across the road without looking out for vehicle.

The original poster had made a police report since. Who do you think is at fault here?

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