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Mercs Driver teach pedestrian a lesson

Singapore: A Mercedes driver sounded his/her horn on a jaywalking pedestrian and accelerate off when the traffic lights turn green.

In a dashcam footage submitted online, a Mercedes driver was waiting at a traffic lights at Victoria St, in-between Bugis Junction and Bugis+ as per normal traffic.

However, things took a bad turn when a pedestrian in orange T-shirt tried to cross the traffic lights when the pedestrian light is red. While the pedestrian was jaywalking, the Mercedes driver sounded his horn and immediately accelerated off – right in-front of the pedestrian in orange T-shirt.

This spooked the pedestrian in orange T-shirt and resulting in a panic dash back to safety. Retracing the steps that he took.

Inversely, the Mercedes driver seems to had enjoyed the moment and the way the pedestrian dashed back to safety.

Quite fun to have scared the remaining daylights out of this idiot last evening. Daydream some more lah!

-said the poster of the video

We are not sure about the accelerating off while horning, but in the footage, it seems to had worked and “scared the remaining daylights” out of him, as the pedestrian was shocked by the horn plus sudden acceleration right in-front of him, and panickily dashed back to safety.

On closer thoughts, this might had ended up as a tragedy if the drivers at the junction were not alert enough to the pedestrian (in orange T-shirt) action. Even if he have gotten horned and scramble back, there is a danger of him being knocked down by the car that he had walked pass previously.

Those who commit general offences, including jaywalking, may be fined S$50. Pedestrian offences at an expressway such as entering an expressway tunnel on foot may be punishable by a S$75 fine.

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I pick up passenger talk to them and think about how round the earth is. I write story while my taxi is parked at carpark near you.

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