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Car overturn on the road

Singapore: A car was capture on camera flipped over at the middle of the road, on a rainy day.

On closer inspection of the picture, it seems like there were no other vehicles around the car.

The aftermath of the accident

Looking at the photo, it seems like a tree was uprooted and looks like it had suffered from a crash. We guess that the Volkswagen car was driving at a fast speed, on a slippery road and lost control. And thus, crashing into the tree, uprooting it in the process and flipped over.

close up of the overturned Volkswagen
close up of the overturned Volkswagen

If you have video of this particular accident or witness it live, do drop us an email at, we will like to hear from you.


I pick up passenger talk to them and think about how round the earth is. I write story while my taxi is parked at carpark near you.

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