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Fight Broke out at Taman Jurong

Update 13/9/2022: Added extended footage of the fight.

Singapore: A fight broke out at Taman Jurong Coffeeshop. A female smashed a male in the head with a glass jug after altercation turn ugly.

A user submitted video shown an altercation between two men. It started with shouting and escalated into pushing and shoving. As the pushing and shoving get more aggressive, a woman wearing pink T-shirt was caught on camera picking up a glass jug and smashing it into the head of the man in a red T-shirt.

The impact was so great, the glass jug shattered into pieces and disoriented the man in red T-shirt.

He lost his balance and looks to falling to the ground momentary. After getting smashed in the face, he was visibly enraged, and was looking to attack the woman that smashed him. A woman in white shirt stepped into separate the fight, but got elbowed on the face by the man in red T-shirt.

As the man in red T-shirt was recovering, a man in black stepped in and punched him further in the face. At this point, the man in red T-shirt can be seen in the footage with bloodied face.

Police was called on scene. And the man in red was seen to be ok while the police crew gave him first-aid and dress up his wound.

In accordance with section 352 of the Penal Code, a person may be sentenced to up to three months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,500 if he or she assaults or uses criminal force against another individual without grave and unexpected provocation.

Extended coverage of the fight that occurred


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