42-year-old male Muhammad Syafie Ismail handed 4 charges after causing deadly accident in Tampines

A 42-year-old male car driver hit and run cam car beat red lights and hit multiple vehicle at Tampines on Monday morning (22 APR 2024, 7:07am) along Tampines Avenue 1 towards Tampines Avenue 10.

footage of accident

The impact is believed to have caused this car to spin and collide with a van before overturning. One of the people who died in the accident, 17-year-old Temasek Junior College student Afifah Munirah Muhammad Azril, who was in this car.

The other person who died in the accident, 57-year-old pest control company employee Norzihan Juwahib, was a passenger in the van.

Looks like the driver deliberately sped at such high speed, he want to kill other people to die together with him , but in the end he didn’t die. But he caused other people to die. It was on purpose. Nobody will speed on small road like this cos got traffic lights ahead

Facebook comment by Nom Gn
rear cam footage from Mercedes

The SAAB that was driven by Syafie can be seen overtaking and hit & run the Mercedes

Screenshot of Reddit post allegedly posted by merc cam car that was hit and run in the Tampines accident. The drive says he did not post it.
Update: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeRoadAccident/posts/pfbid02veQtB82vBHo4ugGoSnzyBzHhgoKLQxXrcWMgGfpzmckf27d4251cRjaZhLCZmt2il

Mr. Yang (50 years old) owner of the white Mercedes-Benz car contacted by Shin Min Daily say he is carrying his mother and daughter during the incident. He also claimed that he has speed up to see the number plate of the saab and not racing. Mr Yang also also point out that the reddit post by #SNH7Z is not him.

The white Mercedes-Benz #SNH7Z was seen driving very closely to a motorbike 2 days before the accident at Tampines
Driver of SAAB Syafie taking a look at the car
Syafie seen walking away from the scene
Using the phone with both hands
Syafie seems fine after the accident and was seen siting on the stairs near by and using right hand to make a call

Six others, including Syafie, were taken to hospital following the accident.

Chia Tong Chai, 64, who was driving to work with two colleagues in their company van. PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

1 more inch and it would’ve been me

Van driver
Personnel from SCDF and Police arrived on the scene
Muhammad Syafie Ismail, who is facing four charges related to the multi-vehicle accident in Tampines, walks to the State Courts on Apr 25, 2024. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

42-year-old Muhammad Syafie Ismail handed 4 charges:

  1. failing to stop after an accident
  2. dangerous driving
  3. dangerous driving causing death
  4. dangerous driving causing hurt

He also failed to conform to a red traffic light signal

“I don’t think it’s a necessary thing to put an e-tag because all my documents and passport have already been seized by the police and I am already on bail and today, I am also present.”

Muhammad Syafie Ismail

Syafie was placed on bail with all the conditions requested by the prosecution imposed.

Syafie will return to court for a pre-trial conference on Jun 7.

If convicted of dangerous driving causing death, Syafie may be jailed between two and eight years and disqualified from driving all classes of vehicles.

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