Police chase man on foot, drugs and samurai sword found in car

Man, 22, was taken into custody after trying to evade a Traffic Police officer during a morning patrol on May 15 in Aljunied. Police chase him on motorbike then on foot before arrested. A black samurai sword, presumed controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia in his car.

Man jump over barrier with style link to video

A video captures the moment the man, wearing an anime t-shirt (“Power from Chainsawman”) and a cap, dashes back to his Mitsubishi, which was halted at a traffic light. He was intercepted by the officer before he could shut his car door. 

one of the man was seen wearing a device above his crocs slippers

Meanwhile, two passengers exited the vehicle.

man wearing power t-shirt arrested by multiple police

The incident began when the officer signaled the man’s car to halt for an inspection on Aljunied Road around 11:25 am. Although the man initially indicated compliance, he abruptly accelerated away. After a brief pursuit, he deserted his car at a junction and attempted to escape on foot but was soon captured by the pursuing officer.

Multiple police car arrived on the scene

Source: ST

The man faces charges for possession of an offensive weapon, impersonation, various traffic violations, and suspected drug offenses. The police are continuing their investigation into the matter

Even more police arrived on scene
Alleged owner of car claims car is used on car sharing platform

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