Police pull guy out from car at Admiralty Rd

28 May 2024 – A guy was seen being pull out from a grey Mitsubishi that allegedly was using a clone number plate.

The owner of the 2nd-hand car with the same number plate receiving multiple traffic summons and police investigations related to petrol payments at various petrol stations. However, it turns out that she wasn’t the one responsible for these violations. Instead, a cloned car with the same license plate was causing the issues.

Video of guy getting pull out from car by Singapore Police

Drive of the company (that sold the 2nd hand car) van Maurice Nadarajan spotted the cloned car. With the police on the line, he diligently followed the car’s movements—from Yishun to Yio Chu Kang, then Woodlands, and finally Admiralty Road. Despite the driver of the Lancer attempting to flee, Maurice persisted and managed to apprehend the suspect.

guy stoping car at Admiralty Rd
Van driver exit from black van
tell other lorry dont move

He seems to ask other drive to help stop the car

stop car with finger

Very hero moment

police come liao

Police arrived

police breaks window

One police tries to breaks the window with his first, another police then broke the window will a baton.

person pinned by Singapore police
Person was pin to the ground

The guy was finally arrested after some struggles with the police and van driver.

police search singapore

Police was seen searching the vehicle later that day with K9 on scene.

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