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A distracted driver beat red light and cause an accident with bus

Singapore: A red car was captured on dashcam footage to had tried to beat the red light at a Junction.

The red car first stopped at the traffic light, following traffic rules. However, as traffic start to thin out, the red car accelerated forward despite the traffic light still being red.

As the red car inches forward, a bus with the right of way smashed through the side of the car. Luckily the car was not travelling at a high speed and managed to e-brake on time. Minimizing the potential fetal accident.

Kudos to the bus driver for staying alert and we are just happy that no life was lost.

motorist road traffic offences fine
infographic from CNA

In 2019, The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) raised fines for road traffic offences in a bid to strengthen deterrence against irresponsible driving. 

Failure to conform to Red Light Signal will net you a 12 demerit point and up to S$500 fine (depending on your vehicle class).

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