Plane Emergency landing at Minnesota caught on camera

USA: In a footage posted on Reddit, a plane was caught on camera doing an emergency landing on what seems like a highway of Minnesota.

Emergency landing on the interstate – Minnesota (12/3/20) from r/watchpeoplesurvive

In the footage, a plane was caught on camera approaching the expressway and aligning itself for a landing. As the plane approaches, there were three cars along the lane, however, the skillful pilot managed to land in between these three cars.

The two cars behind the plane immediately engaged their brake and slow down, while the poor car in-front was caught off guard, and the right wingtip of the plane caught the car and the plane seems to have spanned a little, while the car was pushed towards the right lane of the road.



I pick up passenger talk to them and think about how round the earth is. I write story while my taxi is parked at carpark near you.

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