8-weeks jail for Bentley driver of Red Swastika School 

Singapore, 19/10/2022, Wednesday: The Bentley Driver of the Red Swastika School incident on Jan 2022, had been sentenced to eight weeks in jail, a fine of $600, and disqualified for driving on all classes of vehicles for twelve months.

Neo pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of causing injury by a reckless act, for which he will serve time in jail, and another count of driving the vehicle without insurance.

He arrived at the school in a Bentley. But, the security guard prevented him from entering because he had bypassed the line of cars.

Because of that, Neo had a confrontation with a Red Swastika School security guard. The Bentley driver attempted to force his way past the security guard as the argument heated up. The driver inched closer and closer to the security guard until he was on the verge of colliding with him.

The video was widely circulated online and sparked an outcry on the behavior of Neo. Soon after, the Bentley driver got arrested by the Singapore Police Force.

The Report first appear on The Straits Time


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