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Fatal accident at Tanjong Pagar on 13 Feb 2021

Singapore: On the early morning of 13 Feb 2021 a BMW traveling at high speed was seen crashing into shop house along Tanjong Pagar and burst into flames shortly after.

Source: WhatsApp

Scene of the accident and fire was capture on video by resident staying near by.

Location of shop house that is on fire

5 man was kill in the accident and a woman was taken to hospital for burn injuries.

Source: Song Seng Wun Facebook

The BMW crashed into the shop house at 37 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Estimate route of the BMW in the 6 second video. Source: Google Maps

Based on rough calculation the BMW traveled 200 meters in 6 seconds which works out to be around 120km/h.

Source: Facebook

The shop house was previously occupied by Five Oars Coffee Roasters which had moved out since 29 Jan 2021.

Statement from Singapore Road Safety Council

Drive safe everyone!

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