Motorcyclist escape near death situation with quick reflex

International: A motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle and slip in a high speed traffic lane and almost got overrun by a truck.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist recovered in time and was inch away from a fatal incident.

In the submitted video footage, the motorcyclist was caught on dashcam footage losing control of his motorcycle on a raining day, on a busy road.

The motorcyclist went down with his bike and goes into a slide in the slippery road. As he slide, he took a glance behind his shoulder and immediately make a mad dash to the side of the road.

Immediately, a truck was seen running through. Had it been any closer, the biker would had been ran over by the truck.

Motorcyclist remember to be extra careful on a rainy day. It is advise to stop your vehicle at a shelter and wait for rain to subside before continuing your journey.

It is a case of better late then never.


I pick up passenger talk to them and think about how round the earth is. I write story while my taxi is parked at carpark near you.

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